Helping students discover themselves, and helping colleges discover their students.

Varsity is a mobile application that helps students discover what they love through a personalized feed of events, clubs, and classes based on their interests.


Varsity matches student interests and learned preferences with activities, which greatly improves the chances that students will appreciate, enjoy, and engage with campus activities.



Varsity builds a community of engaged students. When students are more engaged, they perform better academically, speak favorably about their campus, and re-enroll at a higher rate.



Varsity drastically decreases the amount universities need to spend to reach their studentsm and helps universities increase the effectiveness of every dollar spent on student engagement.


Varsity provides universities insight into their students in a way never before possible. Varsity uncovers invaluable data on student behavior and real-time feedback on student services.

Unparalleled insights

Varsity gives students new eyes into their campus and universities a new perspective on their students.

For universities, we provide valuable data and real-time feedback on student behavior. Universities know very little about their students today. With Varsity, universities can get insight into:


What are students on my campus interested in?



What events, clubs, and classes are students most engaged and satisfied by?



Which student services need improvement and where can we save money?


Which of my student might be candidates for dropout?

For students, Varsity enhances educational and social experiences during college. Today, students discover what they love aimlessly; tomorrow students could utilize insight into:


What events and clubs are related to my interests that I can attend?



What classes would be both interesting to me and related to my passions?


What is the most exciting thing happening on campus right now?



What activities are my friends most excited about that I might be interested in?

Gone are the days of crowded bulletin boards and unread emails. Enter the age of powerful and personalized communication at a campus-wide scale.